Websites are mostly used to search for accommodation available to rent. Here are the most popular ones:

We also suggest filtering your search for accommodation by your place of residence and looking for it in Facebook groups, e.g. Butų nuoma Vilniuje; Butų nuoma Vilniuje be tarpininkų; Butų nuoma Kaune, etc.

The rent depends on the city (the highest rent rates being in Vilnius) and the place within the city (proximity to or remoteness from the city centre).

Please note that in most cases the rent does not include utility expenses, which depend on the size of the apartment and its efficiency rating.

Besides, it is important to talk with the landlord about the possibility to declare the apartment you are planning to rent as your place of residence.

The declaration of the place of residence is related to social services or other kind of support both in terms of services and social benefits (in practice, the state pays social benefits only to persons who have declared their place of residence on its territory). People qualify for certain entitlements (such as voting at local self-governance, in some cases, school, kindergarten enrollment, etc.) only if they can prove their residency in a particular municipality.

In case you want to declare your place of residence outside of your own accommodation (such as in a rented apartment, the place of you relatives or friends, etc.):

  1. declare the place of residence on the website and the owner of the accommodation will confirm his/her consent on this website after you submit your declaration;
  2. appear at the administration of the borough (seniūnija) or the municipality in the absence of a borough) together with the owner of the accommodation;
  3. if you have a lease or a loan agreement or a notarized consent from the owner, contact the administration of the borough you live in (or the municipality in the absence of a borough).

Useful links and contacts: