Health care

In accordance to the Law on Health System, all foreigners who legally reside in the Republic of Lithuania have a right to emergency medical assistance.

Emergency medical assistance is provided to all individuals free of charge regardless of the fact whether they are insured with compulsory health insurance when an accident, emergency, environmental and natural disaster, or a sudden illness threatens the person’s life.

In addition to emergency medical assistance, persons who are insured with compulsory health insurance are entitled to primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare. If you have any health problems or complaints, first of all you should consult to your family doctor, who will decide what kind of assistance you need and, in case there is a need for specialist examinations, treatment and/or measures of rehabilitation, will issue a referral to the institution providing secondary and tertiary healthcare services where further diagnostics, treatment of the disease, and rehabilitation will be carried out.

If you do not have a family doctor, you may choose the primary healthcare institution which is the closest to your place of residence or which is the most conveniently accessible and submit an application for assignment to this healthcare institution.

Compulsory health insurance

In accordance the Law on Health Insurance, persons who hold a permanent residence permit are insured with compulsory health insurance.

A compulsory health insurance cover is also available to foreigners who hold a temporary residence permit and work or worked in Lithuania for at least 6 months and are registered in the regional Labour Exchange Office as unemployed, as well as their underage family members and unaccompanied foreign minors. Third-country nationals who come to Lithuania to work under the national visa (D) are not insured with compulsory health insurance.

If you are insured with compulsory health insurance, you are guaranteed free emergency medical assistance as well as all healthcare services foreseen in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as compensation of expenses of drugs and medical assistance products.

Compulsory health insurance contributions are paid:

  1. By the employer, if you are a salaried employee;
  2. Yourself, if you are self-employed or unemployed and wish to be insured with compulsory health insurance;
  3. At the expense of the state.

Insurance at the expense of the state is granted to certain groups of persons including foreign nationals permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania when they study as full-time students at EU tertiary education establishments; unaccompanied minor foreign nationals.

Compulsory health insurance is enforced by the Compulsory Health Insurance Council, the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health, and the Regional Patients Funds.

Consultations regarding compulsory health insurance are also provided by SODRA, the governmental institution responsible for state social insurance benefits.

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