In 1997–2016, refugee status was granted to 398 foreigners, and 3,870 foreigners received subsidiary protection.

For 1 July 2017, 279 asylum applications were submitted, including 5 repeat applications.

The majority of the applications were submitted by citizens of Syria (118) and Russia (41). Refugee status was granted to 189 foreigners, of whom 138 were Syrians. 1 person received subsidiary protection.

In 2016, a total of 425 applications for asylum were submitted, including 14 repeat applications. The largest number of applications were submitted by Syrian (161) and Russian (61) citizens, accounting for 38% and 14% of all applications, respectively.

In 87 cases asylum was denied, for 60 applications the procedure of consideration was terminated.

Refugee status was granted to 181, of whom 134 were Syrians. 14 persons received subsidiary protection.

In 2016, 181 foreigners were relocated to the RL from other EU Member States (Greece), of whom 142 were citizens of Syria. 25 Syrians were relocated form a third country (Turkey).

34 citizens of Ukraine were relocated to the RL from some regions of Ukraine, where the security and humanitarian situation is complicated.

In 2016, 316 foreigners have participated in the social integration program at the Refugee Reception Centre. The majority of them (171) were citizens of Syria.

In 2016, 174 foreigners participated in the program of social integration in the municipalities.

Sources: Migration Department and Migration Yearbook, 2017; Information from Refugee Reception Centre.