National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM)

Title National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM). Measuring and improving integration of beneficiaries of international protection
Partner(s) UNHCR Regional Representation for Central Europe; UNHCR Representation for Poland (Poland); Migration Policy Group (Belgium); Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants (Bulgaria); Multi Kulti Collective (Bulgaria); People in Need Foundation (Czech Republic); France terred’asile (France); Berline Institute for Integration and Migration Research (Germany); Menedek – Hungarian Association for Migrants  (Hungary); Centre for Public policy PROVIDUS (Latvia); Diversity Development Group (Lithuania); Maastricht University, Faculty of Law (Holand);  The University of Oxford, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (UK); CIDOB, Barcelona centre for international affairs (Spain); Peace Institute (Slovenia); Open Society Foundation (Romania);  Centro de Estudos Sociais  (Portugal); University of Warsaw, Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialisation (Poland); Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (Poland); Institute of Public Affairs (Poland)
Source of funding The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
Period 01/10/2015–30/09/2021
Summary The National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) is a six-year long transnational project which aims to prepare key actors in the integration field in 15 EU Member States to better face the current challenges and improve the integration outcomes of beneficiaries of international protection. Conflict situations tend to last longer and it takes currently on average 17 years, before refugees fleeing civil wars may eventually have a chance to return to their home country. Hence, the long-term integration of newly arrived beneficiaries of international protection is without alternative and presents an immediate challenge for European societies.
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