Professional capacity dealing with diversity

Title Professional capacity dealing with diversity
Partner(s) Risbo B.V. (NL), Tartu Rahvusvaheline Kool Tartu International School MTÜ (EE), Stichting APS (NL), HOGSKOLEN I OSTFOLD (NO), FORUM ZA SLOBODU ODGOJA (HR), PANEPISTIMIO PATRON (EL), UNIVERSITEIT ANTWERPEN (BE), Public Policy and Management Institute (LT), PAIDAGOGIKO INSTITOUTO KYPROU (CY), UNIVERSIDADE DO PORTO (PT)
Period 01/09/2014–01/09/2017
Source of funding Erasmus+
Summary The objective of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership (NAOS) is to strengthen professional capacity in the partner countries and their respective schools. With the ultimate goal to increase educational attainment and reduce drop out and unemployment among groups of migrant children.

NAOS intends to organize activities in five areas of teachers’ professional development – language instruction, didactics, teaching materials and methods, social psychology and parental involvement. The idea is to collect and exchange information from the participating countries on effective pre-service teacher training as well as in-service professional development activities.

The following activities are foreseen during the project:

  • Ten study visits reports of twenty schools in all our partner countries on the five aspects of professional capacity.
  • Learning structures and exchange of educational practitioners among these twenty schools.
  • Review of existing in-service modules and other activities in primary as well as secondary education (collected in and open access Handbook that is available online).
  • Reviews of existing curricula in the five areas of expertise in pre-service programs for primary as well as secondary education (collected in an open access Handbook that is available online).
  • Three case studies implemented in three countries outside our partner countries for testing, learning and dissemination.
  • Increase of professional capital in this area by stimulating school co-operation and ideas sharing, especially among schools with similar populations of immigrant students. Provide for formalised networks of schools to allow school professionals to learn from each other.
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