Take Care Project: Healthcare Language Guide for Migrants Good

Title Take Care Project: Healthcare Language Guide for Migrants Good
Partner(s) Cooperatieve vereniging Pressure Line UA (NL), KU TU Ltd. (BG), Dialoge Sprachinstitut GmbH (DE), Instituto de Formacion y Estudios Sociales (ES) , FLEP- Formação, Língua e Estudos Portugueses Lda (PT), SYNTHESIS Center for Research & Education Ltd (CY), SOROS INTERNATIONAL HOUSE (LT), UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY “GRIGORE T POPA” – IASI (RO)
Period 01/11/2012–31/10/2014
Source of funding Lifelong Learning Programme
Summary Take Care Project aims to:

  • help migrants to improve their knowledge about health matters in host country language;
  • make healthcare more accessible for migrants and improve their integration;
  • create a European wide network of associated partners such as migrant communities, (volunteer) organizations supporting the integration and welfare of migrants, adult educational institutes, healthcare providers in order to facilitate them with innovative learning materials and methods and motivate them to exploit further the project products approaching migrants as final beneficiaries;
  • contribute to intercultural communication.

Main outputs are a methodology for providing language skills and information on healthcare in an innovative way based on migrants’ needs and experiences and a Healthcare Language Guide for Migrants (paper-based, digital and a web site) containing basic language learning materials in 8 languages, a medical glossary in 17 languages and a ‘medical route’ to healthcare utilizations in the host country.

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