Immigration in EU Member States

For the commemoration of International Day of Migrants Eurostat presents data of immigration in EU Member States.

A total of 4.7 million people immigrated to one of the 28 EU Member States in 2015. This figure includes both immigration from outside the EU and immigration flows between EU countries.

Of these immigrants, half (2.4 million or 50%) were citizens of non-EU countries, 1.4 million people (30%) had citizenship of a different EU Member State from the one to which they immigrated.

Immigrants can also be nationals of the country they are immigrating to. The share of nationals was particularly high in Romania (where they accounted for 87% of all immigrants in 2015) and Lithuania (83%).

Non-EU citizens accounted for more than half of all immigrants in seven Member States: Italy (67%), Slovenia (64%), Germany (63%), Sweden (58%), Spain (54%), Austria (52%) and Bulgaria (51%).

More information of Eurostat data of immigration in EU Member States here