Muslims integration in Lithuania and Europe

Muslims in Lithuania consist only 0,1 per cent of Lithuanian population. However, Muslims population in Europe has increased to 4,9 per cent and, in accordance to the prognosis of Pew research centre, even in the absence of migration, it will grow by as much as three percentage points, or threefold, if the number of immigrants increases.

During the public discussion „Muslims in Lithuania and Europe. What do (not) we know and what (not) are we afraid“ (org. „Musulmonai Lietuvoje ir Europoje. Ko (ne)žinome ir (ne)bijome?“), orginised by Open Lithuania Foundation, the professor of Vytautas Magnus University Egdūnas Račius said that there are little chances for Muslims‘ community to grow in Lithuania – the Tatars community is shrinking and Lithuanians who turn to Islam leave the country.

The article published main thoughts of the participants of the discussion about the Muslims in Lithuania and Europe expressed during the event.

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Video from the discussion is available here