Gyvenu LT

Title “Gyvenu LT” (Nr. 08.6.1-ESFA-V-911-04-0008)
Partner(s) The project is being implemented by  Public institution National Regions Development Agency

Project partners: Tautinių šokių klubas „Vajaunas“, UAB „Šiaulių apskrities televizija“, Association Social integration center.

Source of funding The project is funded by the EU Structural Funds, the State Budget of the Republic of Lithuania, Siauliai City Municipality and private funds.
Period The project is being implemented from January 2019 till January 2022
Summary Different paths lead people to Lithuania: here, tourists search for something to feast their eyes on and spend their leisure time, while others settle here for longer: they study, work, start a business, search for refuge from dangers in their native countries and build their families. Are you a representative of a foreign country and culture (foreigner) who has a residence permit to live in Lithuania? You are not sufficiently involved in social life in Lithuania? Do you face difficulties in gaining a foothold in the job market? Do you have limited access to means (knowledge of the Lithuanian language and culture) necessary for integration? We invite you to participate in this project GyvenuLT.

What awaits in the project:

  • Exploring Lithuanian culture through folk dance
  • Lithuanian language training
  • Professional career guidance
  • Information on social services and social service mediation
  • A public discussion during one of the city events
  • 9 TV shows created to tell the stories of refugees, foreigners and their families who have successfully integrated themselves into the society and the job market
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