Eurostat: immigration law enforcement statistics of 2019

European Statistical Office (Eurostat) published statistical data that overlooks the status of the EU immigration law enforcement in 2019.

The article shares the figures from 27 EU member states regarding non-EU nationals who were refused an entry at the EU external border, who were illegally present in one of the EU Member States, and who were issued an order to leave.

In 2019, EU refused an entry to 718 000 non-EU nationals. It is the largest number since at least 2008, when the data of such sort was first compiled. In comparison to 2018, last year there were 10 percent more of non-EU nationals who were identified to be illegally present in the EU, and 2 percent less of such individuals who, in accordance to an order to leave, were returned outside the EU external border.

More information and info-graphics on the disseminated statistical data can be found: here