EASO: in June, the number of asylum applications in the EU increased, but remained below ”pre-pandemic” level

European Asylum Support Office (EASO) informs that even though in June, if compared to May, there was an increase in the number of asylum applications lodged in the European Union (from 10 200 in May to 31 500 in June), total numbers remain far behind the statistics of the first months of the year. EASO notes that during this period most EU states registered less asylum applications that during the first two months of the year.

The trends are identified with the COVID-19 virus outbreak and restricted health protection measures in the Union states.

In June, most applications were lodged by the Syrian, Afghan, Venezuelan, Colombian nationals. These persons accounted for a fifth of all people who applied for asylum in the Union. Significant increase in numbers was registered among Venezuelans (from 131 in May to 2 831 in June) and Colombians (from 87 in May to 2 419 in June).

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