“Enhancing the competence of municipalities in providing services to third-country nationals”

Project title “Enhancing the competence of municipalities in providing services to third-country nationals”
Partner(s) The project is being implemented by the Department of Supervision of Social Services under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

Project partners:

  • Diversity Development Group
  • Vilnius city municipality
  • Kaunas city municipality
  • Klaipeda city municipality
  • Siauliai city municipality
  • Akmene district municipality
  • Jonava district municipality
Source(s) of funding
Period The project is being implemented from 2020 to 2022.
Summary Project goal – to strengthen the provision of integration services to the third-country nationals in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai city and Jonava and Akmene district municipalities.

Due to the growing number of foreigners coming to Lithuania (trend determined by various circumstances), the need to improve integration policy implementation processes which have been conducted without sufficient coordination and on the basis of the ad hoc principle prevails. The demand to ensure the third-country nationals (TCN) that the institutions which provide (and coordinate) services have the necessary resources, knowledge and competencies, as well as are interested in the results of successful policy in a local (municipality) level (i.e. where integration and inclusion processes progress (or should progress) becomes an issue of importance.

In order to reach the project goal, during the implementation of the project a comprehensive research on the needs of the TCN and municipalities competencies and resources in the field of integration will be conducted; by involved all the interested parties, recommendations will be framed in order to create and deliver integration services in each municipality. Members of the project will be consulted during the process of recommendations’ implementation and strategic integration planning. The recommendations’ implementation monitoring, oriented to quality feedback provision will also be conducted. Additionally, by using innovative teaching methods, participants of the project will be comprehensively trained to provide integration services to the TCN. Project participants will also be secured the cooperation with experts from abroad.

Project value – by applying the above mentioned measures and methods, effective integration mechanisms in a local level will be launched, current and potential resources will be mobilised, all interested parties will be involved in the creation and implementation of the project. It is anticipated that the project results will serve other municipalities that seek to improve TCN integration policy making and implementation processes.

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