EC introduced the new Migration and asylum pact

New Migration and asylum pact has been introduced to be considered by the European Parliament and the Council.

At the press conference dedicated to present the document, Ursula von de Leyen, President of the European Commission, emphasised that “the old [migration management in European Union] system (…) no longer works” and by endorsing the declared values members of the Union must apprehend that the question of sharing responsibilities is one of “how” rather than “whether”.

It is hoped that the new agreement will replace current system of Dublin Regulation, according to which asylum applications are handled by the EU member state through which an asylum seeker first entered the system.

Migration and asylum pact at its current state involves such improvements as:

  • mandatory pre-entry health, identity and security screenings;
  • faster (within 12 weeks) border procedures for asylum seekers and speedy returns of the failed applicants;
  • „flexible” ways to take part for countries that refuse to take in the arrivals and by doing that solidarize with the EU states overwhelmed by the influx of migrants and asylum seekers coming to the EU through their borders. Among examples of alternative participation, proposals to voluntarily help sponsor the returns of the asylum seekers whose applications were failed, as well as options to deliver emergency operational support were named.

It is expected to receive the approval of the Council and the European Parliament by the end of the year.