Europe’s Army of Filipino Domestic Workers

“[It is said] that one of the Philippines’ most-exported commodities is women’s labor. Indeed, the majority of people who move abroad from the Philippines are women, and before the coronavirus struck, thousands of them were leaving home each month. They traveled to faraway places to work as cleaners, nannies or cooks for the rich in places as far-flung as Singapore, Kuwait and Paris. The remittances they send home each month keep their families afloat.


Photographer Morel-Fort says families back at home often lack understanding of the hardships these women face in Europe. There is a prevailing prejudice that any life in Europe is better than life in the Philippines.

That, though, isn’t always true. (…) There are stories of employers who take away the women’s passports so they can’t run away, of physical violence and blackmail. And they are frequently accused of transgressions like stealing food, mobile phones or money.”

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Source: SPIEGEL International