The rate of acquiring the Lithuanian citizenship through naturalization – lowest in the EU

European Statistical Office (Eurostat) reports that the rate of acquiring the Lithuanian citizenship through the process of naturalization responds to the lowest number in the European Union.

In 2019, the ratio of citizenships granted to 100 foreigners residing in Lithuania stood at 0,2 percent. To compare, during the same year Sweden registered a naturalization ratio corresponding to 7 percent, Romania – 4,7 percent, and Portugal – 4,4 percent. Relatively low number of foreigners acquired the citizenship in Denmark (0,3 percent), Estonia (0,4 percent), Czech Republic (0,5 percent), or Latvia (0,6 percent).

Overall, in 2019 the EU citizenship was granted to a total of 706 400 people. Most often the citizenship was acquired by foreigners from Morocco and Albania.