Invitation | Refugee-oriented business program

National Institute for Social Integration together with partners from TEXTALE and TECHNARIUM invite to register to a refugee-oriented business program.

The chosen participants will:

  • learn about the labor market, laws, taxes and opportunities to launch their own business in Lithuania;
  • attend the course led by a professional chef;
  • get access to starting their own catering-oriented business in a professional TECHNARIUM kitchen;
  • learn about secondary textile design;
  • attend courses about styling, beauty and make-up;
  • get access to using sewing equipment as well as design, styling and make-up space in a TEXTALE studio.

Please register by phone +370 624 48309 (SMS / Viber / WhatsApp) and indicate your:

  • name, surname
  • email address

The program has been designed for Vilnius-based foreigners who were granted the refugee status (residents of Naujininkai, Naujamiestis, Zirmunai and Snipiskes districts will be prioritized). The number of participants is limited!

More information (in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages) can be accessed: here