Short film program “When stories meet”

Coordinators of the project “Kai susitinka istorijos” / “When stories meet” – arts agency Artscape, short film agency Lithuanian Shorts, non-governmental organization Diversity Development Group, and contemporary multimedia agency NARA – invite you to explore virtual short film program of the same name.

The first cycle of the program – a total of five short films – will be introduced during the 15th Vilnius International Short Film Festival. Additionally, the movies can also be accessed for free screenings on the LRT media library.

“Kai susitinka istorijos” / “When stories meet” project has been designed to promote society tolerance towards people migrating from countries distinct for economic and social problems. The initiative envisages the use of innovative artistic tools and a publicity campaign.

More on the project: here

Additional information about the film program: here and here

The movies can be freely accessed: here