Compensations for residents and businesses which host Ukraine refugees

The Ministry of Social Security and Labor announced that residents and businesses that accommodate people fleeing the war in Ukraine will be entitled to compensations.

The amount of compensation for providing housing to the refugees will depend on the number of people accommodated in the premises. It is proposed to pay 150 euros per month for the first accommodated person and 50 euros per month for each subsequent person accommodated in the same premises.

During the first month, it is expected that residents and businesses will host the refugees without a charge. The compensation will then be paid from the second month, but no longer than for three months overall – it is expected that by then the refugees will integrate into the labor market and pay the fee for housing on their own.

In order to receive the compensation, the owners of houses and premises will have to apply to the municipal administration wherein their house or other habitable premises are registered. Applications for the compensations can be submitted from April 1.