The only Ukrainian registration center to remain in Alytus

The Ministry of the Interior has announced that after the decrease in the flow of Ukrainian citizens and their family members fleeing the war, from August 8, 2022, the Ukrainian registration center will only operate in Alytus city. The operation of the registration center in Kaunas will be suspended, although Kaunas city municipality will provide the arriving Ukrainians shuttle services to the Alytus registration center.

The center in Alytus will continue to provide registration, temporary accommodation, social services and consultations on employment and social assistance. Citizens of Ukraine and their family members will also be registered at the territorial units of the Migration Department during working hours.

Ukrainians who have registered in Lithuania and immediately received temporary protection are entitled to live in a designated place for free, to work (if they have no other income in Lithuania – to receive a cash allowance), as well as to receive the necessary medical assistance and social services. In addition, minors are allowed to study.

* * *

Within five months, Lithuania has registered 60,540 war refugees from Ukraine, including 22,783 minors.