To enter Lithuania, Russian citizens will have to meet the criteria approved by the Government

The Ministry of the Interior informs that beginning August 19, 2022, Russian nationals entering the territory of the Republic of Lithuania (through all border checkpoints) during the state of emergency will be subject to individual checking procedure.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland decided to tighten the entry control of Russian nationals as a result of Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine.

The aim of the new checking procedure is to make sure that Russian citizens meet the criteria approved by the Lithuanian Government and that they do not pose a threat to Lithuania’s national security, public order, internal security, public health or international relations, as stipulated in the Schengen Borders Code.

The Government’s resolution informs that Russian citizens and their family members will only be allowed to entry Lithuania through the external Schengen border for special humanitarian reasons, or if they are members of crews conducting international transportation, Russian diplomats transiting through Lithuania, persons with a residence permit issued by an EU state, also – if they are Russian citizens holding a long-term national visa or a simplified transit document of the Schengen countries.