Employment Service | Lithuania leading the EU in recruiting Ukrainians

The Employment Service reports that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 17,400 Ukrainians have been employed in Lithuania. This is about a half of all working age people. In comparison, only 5 percent of working age Ukrainians secured a job in Luxembourg, Bulgaria, or Belgium.

Ukrainian war refugees work in all municipalities of Lithuania, almost a third – in Vilnius.

According to the Employment Service, more than 1.400 Ukrainians (8 percent) work in jobs requiring high professional qualifications. Most of the Ukrainians employed in Lithuania since the start of hostilities – 11.400 (65.6 percent) – work in positions requiring average professional qualifications. Finally, 4.600 Ukrainians (i.e., a quarter of the working population) work in low-skilled and unskilled jobs.

Overall, more than 65.300 Ukrainian have arrived in Lithuania since the start of the war.

More information can be accessed on the Employment Service press release.