LRT.LT | Only several hundred irregular migrants remain in Lithuania

“Just over 300 foreigners, who have entered since the start of the migrant influx last year, are still in Lithuania, the country’s State Border Guard Service (VSAT) has said.


640 foreigners have left voluntarily for their countries of origin so far this year, while another 15 have been forcibly returned.


Foreigners are accommodated in Lithuanian migrant centres until their asylum applications are reviewed. If they are rejected, foreigners must be returned to their countries of origin within five years.

Around 2,600 migrants have fled their place of accommodation this year, Mišutis said. Migrants who remain in Lithuania have the right to move freely within the country.

Almost 4,200 migrants entered Lithuania from Belarus last year. Lithuania calls the influx of migrants from Belarus a hybrid attack orchestrated by the Minsk regime.”

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