LRT.LT | Survey shows growing hostility towards local Russian speakers in Lithuania

“Hostility towards local Russian-speakers has increased in Lithuania, a survey suggests. At the same time, the country is more welcoming to Ukrainians and refugees.

According to Giedrė Blažytė, research supervisor at the Diversity Development Group, an NGO that presented the survey, this year’s results show that Lithuania’s society was very open to accept refugees from Ukraine, which is reflected in the public opinion poll results.


Nearly 80 percent of polled said they supported Lithuania’s policy to welcome Ukrainians fleeing from war. The survey also shows an overall decrease in negative public attitudes towards refugees.


When asked how opinions about some groups in society have changed over the past five years, 74.6% of respondents indicated that attitudes towards the local Russian population have worsened. In 2021, 26.7% thought so.”

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