The Platform for Migration Information and Cooperation under by the Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund (AMIF) national program (2014–2020). The duration of the project: 02/05/2017–31/12/2022.

The project aims to improve the availability of information to various stakeholders and the target group and cooperation between them by ensuring operation of the platform for migration information (website).

The objectives of the project are to:

  1. Update and maintain the website;
  2. Ensure the visibility of the website;
  3. Collect, systemise, and publish information on migration, asylum, integration, and return matters for third-country nationals;
  4. Create and maintain a website account on the social network.

Information and material related with migration, asylum, integration, and return of third county-nationals (TCNs) and other related matters will be collected, systemised and publicised constantly. Information is available in three languages (Lithuanian, English, and Russian).

The website provides an opportunity for stakeholders and individuals to monitor TCN migration and integration processes, the activities of the participating actors, results and other useful information, to respond to the latest news related to the migration and integration of the target group in Lithuania and all over the world. This allows finding common points and principles that bring together the priorities of the TCN immigration and integration policy, projects and research activities, and thus creates the basis for the involvement of all the social and political actors participating in TCN immigration and integration processes, target group, and the general public.

The provision of information to TCN on the relevant issues undoubtedly will ensure not only the availability of information on practical matters, but will also provide an opportunity to consult the forum format.

Contact information:

Austeja Vakarinaite
Coordinator of the MIPAS project

Project coordinator: Diversity Development Group

Founded in 2012, NGO Diversity Development Group (DDG) is a non-profit organisation with an objective to carry out social (scientific, applied, and infrastructural) projects and research in the field of human rights, education, equal opportunities, diversity, migration and integration. The strategic aim of the organisation is to improve and manage diversity towards a sustainable, tolerant and socially responsible society. DDG activities cover the following areas:

  • Monitoring contemporary processes of migration and integration of migrants in order to accumulate, develop, and disseminate theoretical and empirical knowledge about contemporary migration processes in Lithuania;
  • Developing equal opportunities for migrants and other vulnerable groups: the monitoring of living and working conditions, human rights and social inclusion, social mobility and networks;
  • Promoting and consolidating fundamental rights and freedoms: equal rights for migrants and other vulnerable groups in areas of employment, housing, health care, social services, and education; policy analysis and recommendations;
  • Taking preventative actions against xenophobia, racism, and intolerance;
  • Fighting human trafficking.

Domicile address: Z. Sierakausko 15, Vilnius, 03105, Lithuania
Mailing address: Lukiškių g. 5-527, Vilnius, 01108, Lithuania

Phone: +370 615 14401

E-mail: info@diversitygroup.lt
Website: www.diversitygroup.lt
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