Integration centres

Foreigner integration centres are established in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda.

The aim of the Centre is to provide services in order to promote integration of third-country nationals and refugees, to ensure their security, social and economic independence by securing their basic needs and teaching competences to create a positive future in the host society. Services of the Centre are provided to foreigners who have a residence permit but are not citizens of the Republic of Lithuania.

The services: social consultations, with visitors of the Centre advised on tax, education, healthcare, social guarantees, and employment issues; Consultation on legal issues; psychological counselling; career guidance counselling helps for jobseekers and foreigners who study to assess their professional qualifications and professional experience; a course in the Lithuanian language; civic orientation training; building personal competencies; public events with the society and foreigners aiming to break stereotypes and intercultural barriers.

The Infocentre for Migrants provides free-of-charge social services to third-country nationals. Information is provided in Lithuanian, English, and Russian.

The services: social consultations; individual legal advise; career guidance (consultations and mediation during the employment procedure); psychological counselling; courses in the Lithuanian language; civic orientation training; awareness raising events; educational training.

The aim: social integration of refugees, asylum-seekers, and new arrivals from third countries in Lithuania.

The services: social workers help them find accommodation, integrate into the labour market, get a qualification; register with healthcare institutions. Particular attention is paid to children’s education, as well as to the teaching of the Lithuanian language. Meetings with the local community are also held, celebrating foreign and Lithuanian national and cultural holidays together.

The aim: promoting social, moral, spiritual, artistic, and cultural development of the public; conducting and promoting initiatives for the development of a cohesive society, aiming for cohesive and active social involvement of all of its members and socially vulnerable groups as well as protection of their well-being; promoting the development of cultural diversity and tolerance among different ethnic and other social groups; using initiatives to implement public interests relating to living in a neighbourhood.

The services: Lithuanian language courses for foreigners; daily activities for migrant children residing in Vilnius; intercultural events and celebrations.

The aim: organising and providing daytime occupation, social, educational and socio-cultural, healthy lifestyle services for school-aged immigrant children to facilitate their integration into the local community.

The aim: offering consultations to Lithuanian repatriates and emigrants considering repatriation, or everyone who wishes to come to Lithuania.

The services: one-stop-shop consultations on employment, education, healthcare, integration of foreign family members, and other matters pertaining to repatriation/immigration.